Procrastination and Perfection

Sometimes things just make sense. That's how I felt about Ann Voskamp's blog post about doing hard things. In the spirit of the new year, and contemplating resolutions she reminds us all that life is full of pain. It's what leads to holiness. Sometimes we get to choose where that pain or discomfort comes from.

We can choose the pain of discipline: Getting up the first time the alarm goes off, putting on the sneakers when we want to put on slippers, x'ing out of Amazon before we "buy with 1 click!" Discipline hurts, but so does disappointment.

The pain of disappointment sometimes comes from the outside, but I've noticed in my life that more often, it comes from my own lack of effort, adventure, action or yes, discipline.

Ok, so we choose the pain of discipline. At least in our minds. Then we have to act. But we're afraid of not doing it right, so we find a reason to wait. And wait. And wait.

The perfectionist feeds the procrastinator. My procrastinator eats well. And then we put off the hard things. Then we reevaluate what is actually hard. And the bar is lowered until we are paralyzed.

Do you want to live like this?

Nope. Me neither.

Ann's perfect bit of wisdom is to look for the perfect love of God because before you put in even 1% He loves you 100%. You don't have to be afraid to act because whether you succeed or fail, put out a great product or a mediocre one, it doesn't make you any more or less valuable. In God's perfect love is where true freedom is found.

Full credit to Ann for this tidbit of life-changing wisdom. Sometimes we just need to rewrite it to own it.

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