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When I was little I loved to tell stories. Now I tell them for a living - stories of faith, strength, encouragement and hope.


Sometimes they're even my own.


I am a mom of two, step-mom of one on earth and one in heaven, a wife, an ex-wife, a Catholic and the host of the morning show on Spirit FM 90.5 in Tampa, Florida.  

Welcome to my blog. 

Who knows—perhaps it was for a time like this that you became queen? Esther 4:14

With these words, Queen Esther rises to the challenge to risk her life for the salvation of her people. Many times in my life I've found myself asking, "Who am I going to have to become to make it through this?" Parenting, divorce, work. And what I've learned is this:


In this moment you are exactly who God made you to be. You just have to choose to cooperate with His grace, take His hand and take a step forward in faith. Doing that one day at a time transforms us. 

So read and journey with me through the fun, the chaos, and the challenges as we dare to think:

Perhaps This is the Moment

...realize you were created for right now

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